What We Do


NUTRITIOUS FOODS - Since 2009, we have grown and given away a diverse and ample array of produce - such as strawberries, raspberries, bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, winter squash and potatoes - to help feed hungry Vermonters. 


HEALTHY SOILS- Our crops are organically grown, with no synthetic fertilizer, weed or pest control. Healthy crops come from healthy soil, which gives sustainability to the farm. We are committed to long-term farm improvements and a long-term plan of growing for the hungry. 
We prepare ground for ensuing years by sowing and incorporating successive plantings of buckwheat. This crop smothers weeds, adds tons of organic matter and has the capability of unlocking nutrients in the soil for use by food crops next year. As a side benefit, buckwheat is a favored crop for honeybees.

PROTECTING THE LAND - The Barber Farm is safe from development forever, conservation rights having been sold to the Vermont Land Trust in 2010.

This has allowed improvements to the barn and field drainage systems, the addition of organic matter, erosion control and improved wildlife habitat through forest management.

This positions the farm for long-term sustainability.