August 2017 Update


We got 400 pounds of cabbage to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf this week, our first donation of any size this summer. We have been furnishing the Richmond Food Shelf with potatoes and cucumbers since early August and dropping those also in the lobby of the Richmond senior housing.

We get into volume soon, with 400 tomatoes and 800 bell peppers poised to pop. Raspberry season is upon us, too, 100 plants set last year thick of cane and flower-laden. The half of the potato patch that survived May’s cold and wet looks good. The Kennebecs are the thriftier variety, Eva being a poor second that is, oddly, comingled with random hills of red potatoes. Of an acre and a half of buttercup squash, a third shows promise of good yields. May weather took the initial plantings of an acre and the late replacements are in need of some August weather.