We set ourselves a new record in 2018, growing 18 tons of organic vegetables donated to agencies committed to ending hunger in Vermont. That is more than 100,000 servings !

This is more than than the previous two summers combined. We significantly expanded our plantings of cabbage, green beans and winter squash, all of which performed well despite high humidity, record heat and scant rainfall.

Weight is the only statistic we can quantify, the manner in which all the food distribution agencies mark their performance. It tells the size of the crop but misses its importance.

Imagine the anxiety of wondering when you might next have a meal. Imagine sending your kids to bed on empty stomachs. Imagine going to school, the teacher’s voice drowned out by a grumbling stomach.

To whatever extent our food heals those hurts, we are grateful for the opportunity to do so. We are grateful as well to our partners whose labor at the harvest brings it all together and without whom we could not do this.