Spring planting, act of faith

Miracles. Everywhere, miracles and we anticipate thousands more.

A week ago, 1500 pounds of seed potatoes, five bushels of buckwheat, three pounds of winter squash seed and 2000 of cabbage were safe within their paper packaging. All are now entrusted to the earth and the light rain falling, calling them to life.

As a farmer I consider this a high point of the year. 
The crops exist in visions of freshly hilled potatoes in bright green rows; winter squash racing and running to cover all the ground with a full solar collector, inky green; buckwheat sprouts, silvery carpet for hundreds of thousands of square feet, then reaching waist high, clouded with white blooms, alive with bees.

It's all a dream that every year is realized. With so much help.

We have volunteers who plan to harvest all these crops so they might be donated to hungry Vermonters. We have financial supporters who help us buy the seed and fertilizer and fuel for the tractors. We are blessed beyond all reason.

And any help you could lend, in any form, will be appreciated deeply.