Future Farmers of America

Talk about dedication: Through wind, soaking rain and mud, nearly 20 people were involved Friday in harvesting crops for donation to Vermonters in need.

The VT Youth Conservation Corps collected more than 400 pounds of potatoes to distribute to in-home recipients across northern VT and then helped to pick an additional ton and a half that will be processed by Salvation Farms and passed out to food banks up and down the Lamoille Valley.

More than 6000 pounds of butternut squash sits in bins here in Jericho, awaiting pickup through the coming weeks.

The happiest of the volunteers were kindergarteners from Richmond, for whom potato collection was more of an Easter egg hunt, and the walk to and from the field an opportunity to splash through every puddle.Grinning, muddied faces and a pie pumpkin apiece were the rewards. If there were video, these would be the lead actors.

Thanks to all who gave their time through nasty weather to collect enough organic vegetables to provide 30,000 servings !