May 15

Excellent session with the kinderwienies in Richmond this morning. Framing the whole practice of agriculture as a magic show seemed to create excitement.

We got into tree communications, seeds knowing to grow away the center of the earth, plants bending to the sun; all seemed to intrigue them. They will be here at the farm in early June to install 100 winter squash that they seeded today.

I am in awe of their teacher, Ileen Gilbar who managed to curb their physical enthusiasm while maintaining their joy and their curiosity. As example, just before the event moved outdoors to plant seeds, the children were clamoring at the door. They were asked to form a line and, like birds,flap their wings vigorously, then diminish the pace to gliding. Amazing transformation and centering of energy. Me, I would look upon more than a dozen boisterous five-year-olds as an opportunity to try cat herding. Kids are lucky to have her and her brethren, civilizing the coming generation.