9/15 - Volunteer opportunity
Barber Farm needs your help to harvest many tons of vegetables for donation.
Salvation Farms will be coordinating volunteers for the week of 9/17-9/21.
Please contact them through or
call cell phone: 248 882 0634 and she will give you details.

Thanks so much.

9/13 - Friday the 13th was a lucky day for some hungry Vermonters. Kendall, Alison and Marissa of the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps --clockwise from left-- collected about a ton of winter squash for distribution through Vermont hospitals.

The raspberries were a sweet reward in addition to the feeling of doing good work in the world. Thanks to the VYCC for its ongoing help this year.

9/11 - The difference between involvement and commitment can be understood by the example of bacon and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.

I am fortunate in life to be surrounded by swine, dedicated volunteers committed to removing the pain of hunger from Vermont.

Hats off to Feeding Chittenden, Salvation Farms, the VT Youth Conservation Corps and VT Food Bank. These organizations help with the harvest and distribution of the crops we grow at Barber Farm, making our mission possible. OINK!!!

9/4 - The Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf in Burlington has re-branded itself as Feeding Chittenden, a reflection of its current, broader mission. They now run a food truck and provide grocery delivery to over 130 households with home bound individuals. Their hot meals program serves approximately 100 people daily, they run a culinary training program and their core mission, the food shelf, sees 200 to 300 people daily.

Barber Farm, as a commercial enterprise in the 1980s, was a regular donor of produce. In our current non-profit incarnation we have been back at it for 10 years, delivering 150 pounds of cabbage and over 700 of bell peppers this past week alone. We are proud to be associated with this dedicated organization.