Spring chaos

June 2

Lovely, hectic time of year. Lilacs, apple blossoms, fresh green plants on soil the color of brownie batter.

We set out another 1600 cabbage on Saturday. Winter squash, sown May 21 is in rows sufficiently emerged to guide the cultivator.

We live in hope for the potatoes. Though planted on the farm's sandiest ground, I still fear the incessant rains may cause some seed to rot. Emergence from a planting made in early May is sporadic. Brushing aside the covering soil reveals sprouts, strong albeit late to the party.

This time of year things always look so promising, dependent as ever on indifferent nature. Some growing seasons are benign, others bring hail. The agricultural crapshoot.

Fail to do your work timely and well, bear the consequences. Stay on top of things, push the work, take your chances. As I said, indifferent.