The level plain

May 21

In a fable, Aesop relates that a camel was asked if it would rather carry a load uphill or down. The animal replied, "The laden beast prefers the level plain."

Springtime on the farm is anything but. Wet, cold weather has caused the regular business of the season to proceed only by fits and starts. Last week was one of intense activity with 1500 pounds of potatoes and 5500 cabbages planted in the best-drained land on the farm. Winter squash was seeded both in the field and the greenhouse, some 5000 plants.

Fortune favors effort. A soaking rain Sunday night settled in the new cabbages, which already exhibit new roots a quarter inch long. The potatoes' eyes are extending for their emergence from the loam.

Scads more planting to do, but we're well begun.